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cabo san lucas sportfishing, Cabo san lucas
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Charter Tips &
Comments from Capt. Jim Sharpe of Gray Taxidermy

Enjoy Your Trip Aboard a Charter Boat

Booking a charter is not an everyday experience for most people. Whether you choose a skiff guide to fish the flats or a large off-shore fishing boat, there are a number of things the angler should know. If time allows, book the boat in advance. This assures the availability of the boat and gives the captain an opportunity to match the angler's fishing expectations to the availability of the species for that time of year. However, most fishing trips are impromptu. in this case, the captain should be consulted regarding the angler's desired trophy. Abundance of certain trophy fish can vary with the time of year because of migratory patterns.

You are hiring an experienced captain, so use his knowledge. The price of charting a boat seems costly until you closely examine the expense of equipping a modern sportfishing boat. The cost varies from locale to locale, depending upon the type of boat and equipment needed for your particular trip. some boats must run great distances to the fishing grounds. All these factors influence the price of the charter. In most areas it is customary to tip the mate. As a rule of thumb, the tip is usually 10% of the charter price. The captain can advise you on this. Mates are generally enthusiastic fishermen and the tip is a reward for doing a good job.
Charter fishing is a team concept; as a team member you have responsibilities. the day before the fishing trip, check to see that you have comfortable light colored clothing, a sun hat, and polarized sun glasses. The clothing will keep you cool and comfortable in the sub-tropical sun. Warm clothing may be necessary in some areas. The hat and polarized sun glasses enable you to see past the glare on the water, as fish often strike surface baits. Rubber soled deck shoes will help to protect you against falling on wet decks and also protects the deck surface. For anglers prone to sea sickness, don't forget to take your prescription medication,

Trans-derm, the night before the trip. Over-the-counter Dramamine and Triptone may be taken one hour before boarding. Again, remember that a charter boat represents a very sizable investment to the owner, and is the life's blood of the captain and mate. Most boats carry a wide selection of rods and reels for a variety of fishing. This tackle is also very expensive and care must be taken by anglers to always place the rod in the holder; never lay the rod on the deck. If you are not sure what to do, ask the mate; he is there to assist you. sitting in the fighting chair can be a thrill, but remember, capturing a big game trophy fish is a team effort;

you are not expected to know how to operate all the equipment, but you should know your role. Ask the captain or mate just what your job will be before hooking a fish. Depending on the type of fishing technique, your role as angler may vary greatly. for example when fishing for a marlin with artificial s lures, some captains would leave the rod in the holder and run ahead with the boat to set the hook; another method often used for marlin, live baiting would require a drop back when the fish strikes. Coordinate with the captain and the mate; they do this every day. If you don't ask, they may assume you know what to do. Plan your moves, decide who will bin the chair and be a part of the team. Most experienced anglers will agree with me when I say relax, enjoy the warm sun and let the fishing take its course. Some days the fish will jump in the boat; other days, you couldn't buy a strike. Enjoy the ocean and its quiet beauty with all the marine animals that make fishing fun. When your hour comes and the cobalt blue water explodes with that trophy fish on your line - savor the moment!

If you land a trophy fish that you would like to have mounted and shipped to your office or home, your captain is a local representative for the taxidermist. Talk to him regarding preserving your trophy for mounting.

Good Fishing
Capt. Jim Sharpe

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cabo san lucas sportfishing, Cabo san lucas
cabo san lucas sportfishing, Cabo san lucas
cabo san lucas sportfishing, Cabo san lucas
Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing, Mexico